We believe that, despite being associated with visual arts, Graphic Design is the really the art of speaking to people. This is what originally attracted us to the field, and what sustains our interest today, because first and foremost, We are communicators,

We have over ten years of experience in the field of graphic design, both in Canada and in my native country of Brazil. We’ve worked for a wide range of clients, creating visual assets for a variety of media from print to television. Our creative philosophy is informed not only by a well-honed aesthetic sensibility, but also by the practical challenges of communications. We strive to merge form and function in our work – to create visual art that not only appeals to the eye, but also speaks to people.

Our work has brought us into contact with several other relevant fields such as social media, web design, marketing, branding, and others. We like to think about each project in the bigger picture – to understand not only its content, but also its context. We believe that extra dimension – our ability to design with intent – is what makes our work unique.